Journey of Emotional Healing 

How Transformation Prayer works for Emotional Healing

Using Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) for your Emotional Healing

I (Bonita) have experienced and know that the Transformation Prayer Ministry method may assist you in your Journey of Emotional Healing because it can help you access and receive God's healing in your areas of pain.  On the "Relief from Pain" page, I described how your mind can protect you from pain in sometimes unhealthy ways.  As stated, you probably have pain-FULL events in your past that are messing up your present.

People sometimes need a direct message/touch from God for healing in certain areas. This is nothing new! The scriptures relate many stories where God spoke a special Word to individuals.  This is called a Rhema Word - only for that specific person in that specific situation. Whereas, the Logos Word is the Bible scriptures for teaching ALL of us ALL the time. (A Rhema word never contradicts the scripture - both are from God)

The basis of Transformation Prayer Ministry is not new

Many times in the Bible, people received a Rhema Word in the midst of a very painful or distressful situation.  For example, Abraham heard from God several times regarding his distress of being without children. Hagar, an Egyptian, heard from God in her deep weeping and belief that she and her son would die.  Joseph (Jesus's earthly father) three times received a specific message from God when He was in the midst of uncertainty. The Apostle Paul received a Rhema Word after praying about relief from his personal affliction.

The Goal of Christian Prayer Counseling using TPM

The goal of Transformation Prayer Ministry is for you to experience God's Presence and  receive His Truth.....a "freeing" message (a Rhema message)  from Him for the painful memories and "lies" from your dark past that have a troubling influence on your present. You may have difficulty believing that God cares enough to speak to you personally, but He does!  You may feel you haven't been "good enough" to deserve His attention - and that may be true!  Neither do I deserve it!  But He still wants to love you and set you free. Even if you don't believe in God, He wants to show himself as loving toward you!

What happens in Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM)?

Christian Prayer Counseling using Transformation Prayer Ministry is:
   You with a trusted, confidential facilitator (Bonita) discover specific painful events in your past that are now causing the persistent bad feelings or behavior in your present. 
   You discover the (sometimes hidden) very painful "false beliefs" or lies that are attached to those past events (for example: childhood abuse memory... believing deep inside "it was my fault!" or  perfectionist demands on you as a child.... believing "something's wrong with me!") Transformation Prayer Ministry will help you seek God's help in overcoming your brain's roadblocks to your remembering the events and the "false beliefs/lies that cause present pain. Transformation Prayer Ministry will also assist you with anger, unforgiveness, or vows that sometimes block receiving your Word or Light from God.

 Next, Transformation Prayer Ministry is:
    You together with Bonita, ask God by His Spirit to reveal His perspective on the specific memory event and and replace the "false belief/lie" imbedded in this memory with His Truth/Light!
    You personally receive an answer (a word, a picture, a realization) directly from God (not through Bonita) that will dissolve and shatter the "lie" that has repeatedly driven you to negative emotions and behaviors; an answer from God that brings peace to your present emotions, as well as peace to your memory of the past event. (The all-knowing Creator God sees past, present and future all at once).
    You will say "Wow, I feel different-the Pain is Gone!" or "Wow, He really spoke to me!" or "I feel peace and calm now.... (instead of panic, anger, despair, shame, etc.)

Next, Transformation Prayer Ministry is:
    You discover other events and lies that are holding you back and submit those to God also, knowing He cares, He sees, He meets us in our Pain if we are honest and ask.
   You will feel more and more free, peaceful and/or joyful as time goes on, and handling life's circumstances/relationships in more healthy and satisfying ways.
   You can learn this Transformation Prayer Ministry method of dealing with your present day painful emotions to go directly to God yourself and receive His Healing Light for your daily circumstances.  

What Transformation Prayer Ministry is not:

Not directive counseling, or someone telling you what to believe or what to change about yourself or advice-giving
Not someone else telling you a message from God
Not hypnotic or any guided imagery or visualization or New Age
Not someone trying to change your religious beliefs
Not deliverance from demons...(when God's Light/Truth is embraced, demons flee)

Transformation Prayer Ministry may be for you!

While you are feeling motivated, take action! Your cycle of defeat can be broken!!  Call Transformation Prayer facilitator Bonita Graves at 727-366-7469 or write  

More Information 

  • Transformation Prayer Ministry is a new change of name from "Theophostic Prayer Ministry". Click HERE to go to the Transformation Prayer Ministry website for more information about this type of ministry.

    From Jim Gardner, Ph.D. Nashville: "As a Christian counselor for 25 years I had tried every major secular and Christian counseling approach and I was getting 'tolerable recovery' ..... after almost 3 years of using TPM I am still excited. It has truly revolutionized my life and my practice."  from Healing Life's Hurts through Theophostic Prayer by Edward M. Smith.

Your Christian Prayer Counseling facilitator:

Bonita Graves holds a Masters Degree in Education and is certified as a Transformation Prayer Facilitator offering Christian Prayer Counseling.  She has years of experience in Christian Prayer Counseling -- training people to deal more effectively with stressful feelings, strained communications in relationships, and deep hurts from the past. She is available weekdays and some evenings, (weekends to visitors to the area.)  To inquire, call  727-366-7469 or email  Please note that Bonita is NOT a licensed mental health counselor nor a licensed minister.

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 Behold, you desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden parts you will make me to know wisdom.

Psalm 51:6

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When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 61:2


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O Lord, I cried out to you and you healed me!

Psalm 30:2


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Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Psalm 30:5


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For you, Lord, have made me glad!

Psalm 92:4

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"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights...." 
James 1:17


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